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FOTO/997.jpg Moxa "PUNK" 250gr
A refined green colored cruder grade of loosen moxa, used mostly in moxa instruments or direct burning. 250 gm per packet.
FOTO/995.jpg Moxa PURE
Contains mostly moxa. 10 rolls per box.
FOTO/996.jpg Moxa TAI-I
Contains about 16 other herbs besides the moxa, 10 pcs. per box.
FOTO/1012.jpg Moxa paper Kyu Ten Shi 200st
When performing direct moxibustion, for relief from the heat of the treatment, you can use KYU TEN SHI. The reverse side is a sticker, so you can easily apply it to your skin. Paper is used in the center to act as a heat barrier, making...
FOTO/5268.jpg Moxa Punk Superior
A better quality of pure moxa punk from China, mostly used in direct moxibustion, or in moxa instruments & needles. 100 gm per packet.
FOTO/1000.jpg Nian Ying moxa
Contains special kind of herbs besides moxa. 10 pcs. per box.
FOTO/8391.JPG Smokeless moxa roll Nanyang 5st
Zeer goede Rookvrije Moxa-sigaren gemaakt van gedroogd Chinees onkruid (Artemisia vulgaris). Moxibustion is een unieke vorm van warmte therapie waarbij beivoetskruid wordt verbrand om een penetrerende hitte te produceren. Door deze hitte...
FOTO/998.jpg Smokeless Moxa Vitality Roll 5st
Formally known as "Smokeless moxa rolls".Produces less smoke and odor. Uniform and slow burning, these rigid, compressed sticks (made by a special charcoal process) are 4.3" x 0.6" dia and contain a proprietary combination of moxa and...
FOTO/6488.jpg Smokeless naald moxa 200st
In treatment if has the function of pruducing mild temperature and regulating the balance of human body¡¦s physiological function. Box of 200 pcs.
FOTO/1001.jpg Smokeless Pure moxa rolls
Produces less smoke and odor. With a hollow center for uniform and slow burning. Size: 11.5 x1.5 cm, box of 5 pcs.
FOTO/8436.JPG Smokelss moxa Aier Science
Bijvoet kruid voorgebrand en dan samengeperst tot moxa houtskool in een sigaarvorm geperst. Dit resulteert in minimale rook- en geurontwikkeling. L11 cm, Ø 1,3 cm brandtijd: ca. 4,5 cm per uur. De moxa-rollen zijn afzonderlijk luchtdicht...
FOTO/1002.jpg Super Pure moxa stick 20st
Super pure fine quality of moxa stick, 12 cm long and 1 cm in diameter. Excellent in warm stimulation and moxibustion. 20 pcs. per box.