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FOTO/1005.jpg CHOSEIKYU moxa
Alleen de beste kwaliteit moxa is gebruikt. Choseikyu brandt niet direct op de huid maar een stukje erboven en zo geeft de warmte een adequate stimulatie. Choseikyu brandt van de top langzaam naar de bodem. Op deze manier wordt de warmte...
FOTO/1004.jpg Choseikyu moxa Smokeless
- No smoke emission, stable temperature While there is a small amount of smoke upon lighting, almost no smoke is emitted during burning. Because charcoal is used as that source, a stable, high temperature is achieved and maintained for...
FOTO/1010.jpg Gold Mountain moxa 10 gr
- GOLD MOUNTAIN MOXA SET Top quality Ibuki moxa with 5 incense sticks for lighting. Contains 10 grams of loose moxa. Exellent for home and clinic use and when travelling
FOTO/1009.jpg Gold Mountain moxa 100 gr
Dit is de beste kwaliteit Japanse moxa die men krijgan kan. Speciaal bedoelt voor direct moxa. Wordt geleverd in een doos van 100 gr.
FOTO/1014.jpg Incense 6mm big tiger warmer 30st
For moxibustion therapy. Diameter: 6 mm, smokeless type. Ignite the moxa and put inside the big rolling tiger warmer VOOR ARTIKEL MOX214
FOTO/1011.jpg Incense sticks per bundel 20st
Sterk maar breekbaar wierookstaafje bedoeld om een punt te moxeren of voor het aanmaken van diverse moxa`s. En voor oud model Tiger warmer. In een doos zitten 10 rolletjes.
FOTO/7360.JPG Model GB-3 electro Moxa apparaat
This apparatus can be used as replacement of traditional moxa or artemisiae rolls for moxibustion treatment. Without using of fire for ignition, safe and easy to use. * Immediate switching on and off * No fire is required for ignition *...
FOTO/997.jpg Moxa "PUNK" 250gr
A refined green colored cruder grade of loosen moxa, used mostly in moxa instruments or direct burning. 250 gm per packet.
FOTO/995.jpg Moxa PURE
Contains mostly moxa. 10 rolls per box.
FOTO/996.jpg Moxa TAI-I
Contains about 16 other herbs besides the moxa, 10 pcs. per box.
FOTO/1012.jpg Moxa paper Kyu Ten Shi 200st
When performing direct moxibustion, for relief from the heat of the treatment, you can use KYU TEN SHI. The reverse side is a sticker, so you can easily apply it to your skin. Paper is used in the center to act as a heat barrier, making...
FOTO/5268.jpg Moxa Punk Superior
A better quality of pure moxa punk from China, mostly used in direct moxibustion, or in moxa instruments & needles. 100 gm per packet.
FOTO/6002.jpg Moxa rvs lepel
Safe and practical, this 7" long half-split spoon is perfect for removing hot moxa caps from needles. Why risk burning yourself or your patient, when you can use this protective accessory. Spoon measures 1.5" at its base with a 2 mm wide...
FOTO/6986.jpg Moxa-aansteker de luxe
The EZ Moxa Starter Deluxe is a 4" x 2" stand-type butane lighter that lights moxa sticks quickly and easily,eliminating the need for traditional lighters or matches. Even smokeless moxa sticks (which typically take longer to light) are...
FOTO/1020.jpg Moxa-container brons
Drum shape Moxa container, use for indirect moxibution. Made of brass with a hard plastic resistant handle. The handle is detachable, and the drum shape moxa container can be used alone for moxibution. There are two rings on both sides...
FOTO/6987.jpg Moxa-lamp CQ-32A met digitale timer
This apparatus is same as CQ-35, but CQ-32 is a floor type model with two head lamps for treatment of two areas or two patients at the same time. With stand and wheels so that it can be moved around in the clinic. Constructed with...
FOTO/1029.jpg Moxa-lamp CQ-36 met digitale timer
Model CQ-36 TDP lamp, diameter 20 cm, which offers more powerful output and better therapeutic effect. It is also constructed with digital LCD timer (0-60min). The timer functioning as a timer clock as well as accumulates the total using...
FOTO/6003.jpg Moxabox
Used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Exclusive design in using either moxa punk or moxa stick as the burning media. Size : 13.5cm x 9.5cm x 10cm , easy to place on abdomen, shoulder and back area of the body for treatment. With air...
FOTO/7175.JPG Moxabox met 1 gat voor moxa-rollen
Used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Made of bamboo. Exclusive design in using moxa stick as the burning media. Easy to place it on abdomen, shoulder and back area of the body for treatment. Simply insert one piece of moxa into the...
FOTO/7176.JPG Moxabox met 2 gaten voor moxa-rollen
Used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Made of bamboo. Exclusive design in using moxa stick as the burning media. Easy to place it on abdomen, shoulder and back area of the body for treatment. Simply insert two pieces of moxa into the...
FOTO/1018.jpg Moxadover
De moxa-dover is een handig hulpmiddel om u moxa stick te doven of even neer te leggen.
FOTO/1022.jpg Moxadover + schaal
Chrome plated, solid brass 1.5" (4 cm) long holders extinguish moxa rolls in 5 seconds. Fixed with a 4" (10 cm) large stainless steel base dish which offers greater safety and stability, as well as functioning as an ash and residue...
FOTO/1021.jpg Moxahouder (bakeliet)
Made of bakelite, to hold moxa stick for moxibustion. Comes with bakelite moxa extinguisher. This instrument is designed for holding all kinds of Chinese and Japanese moxa rolls for moxibustion, good for treating patient and especially...
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