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FOTO/305.jpg Childrens Needle L
Used by bently rubbing, scratching, dropping, or peaking the dull needle tip and rounded head on the acu-point or meridian pathway. Most useful for treating children.
FOTO/304.jpg Childrens plum blossom
Spring type. With 5 needles and screw-on cap. Bulbous part contains bell for childrens entertainment.
FOTO/308.jpg Choki Shoni Shin
Every angle of this instrument can be used for varying intensities of cutaneous treatment.
FOTO/307.jpg Kakibari
This triangle shaped needle can be used more for individual point stimulation along the meridian. Either end may be used for scratching or stimulating. Used for treating children.
FOTO/306.jpg Yoneyama childrens needle
A good general purpose tool. Used for rubbing or scratching the skin for cutaneous treatment along meridian pathways or with special techniques. All of the surfaces and corners may be used to provide a different stimulation.
FOTO/303.jpg Yuko Thick needle S
Spring needle with adjustable length. By screwing the length adjuster the sleeve can be moved up or down thus exposing more or less of the needle length. With needle slightly exposed the stimulation is weaker, with more length exposed it...