Model GB-3 electro Moxa apparaat

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Dit artikel is momenteel niet beschikbaar!

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This apparatus can be used as replacement of traditional moxa or artemisiae rolls for moxibustion...meer
Productinformatie "Model GB-3 electro Moxa apparaat"
This apparatus can be used as replacement of traditional moxa or artemisiae rolls for moxibustion treatment. Without using of fire for ignition, safe and easy to use.

* Immediate switching on and off
* No fire is required for ignition
* No risk of burns with incandescent ashes
* No more smells or smoke
* With stand to hold the heating head in position during moxibustion
* Changeable heater is available separately

After switch-on, it takes about 3 ~ 4 minutes for the device to heat up to its full temperature. At this full temperature, the heating element of the device needed to be about 4mm away from the skin to produce a moxa-like therapeutic effect. If the device is further than 4mm away from the skin, the heat quickly diminished to a point where there was not enough heat to be effective.

The GB-3 came with a Distance Regulator/Protection Shield. The shield was designed to keep the distance fixed between the heating element and the skin. The shield came pre-configured with 3 settings: low (fixing the heating element about 12mm from skin), medium (about 4mm), and high (0mm, a very strong heat is felt at this setting, and must be caution during treatment to avoid skin burn). The use of the shield is to alleviate the problem with holding the GB-3 4mm away from the skin, to produce enough heat and a moxa-like therapeutic effect.

Technical Specification:

Optimum Skin Temperature: 40oC 45oC at room temperature
(Advisable distance from the heater to surface of bare skin)
Power Source: ------------ Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 0.6A, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: 24 VDC 1.04A
Electric Power: ----------- 20W
Timer: -------------------- 10min, 20min
Buzzer: will sound and stop to work automatically when the set time is up.
OFF-ON Switch:--------------- OFF to turn off the device ON to turn on the device.
Pilot LED:--------------- Green LED is lit when turning on.
Yellow LED is lit when Heat function is on work, if yellow LED is off, NO HEAT function on work.
Safety Protection:-------------- 1. Temperature Control Thermostat within temperature 40oC-45oC
(At Room Temperature).
2. Thermal cut off Fuse 2A 102oC (inside Heater)
3. Current Fuse: 2A 125V (inside Unit)
Device, accessory dimension: Device 155mm (L) x 135mm (W) x 85mm (H)
Probe 28mm diameter x 130mm (L) (not including Heater)
Heater 25mm diameter x 60mm (L) (not including safety shield)
Plug - in switching Power Supply 84mm (L) x 56mm (W) x 37.9mm (H).
Weight: Device (including Heater, Stand): 510g
Device accessory: plug-in switching power supply: 240g
Device Classification: Class IIA