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FOTO/5712.jpg Chin cup+bal
Glass cups with rubber squeeze ball. Indication : Used in the traditional cupping technique, in treatment of bi-syndromes, asthma, common cold, chronic cough, indigestion problems and some skin conditions. Also helps to improve blood...
FOTO/2557.jpg Chin Cupping set 15 pcs
Well made and durable cupping set ,with pistol grip hand pump and 15 cups. All cups use metal air valve, durable anti-aging. Supplied in different sizes of cups, 2 each of dia. 7.5 cm, 7 cm, 5.5 cm 3 pcs. 4.5 cm, and 1 pc. 6 cm, 3.5 cm,...
FOTO/7420.JPG Chin Cupping set met pomp 16st
Each set includes a pistol grip hand pump, 16 pcs. of cups in different sizes and one extension tube. Temporary improve of Metabolism, Stimulus of bio-energy vital points and blood circulation. Relief of minor Shoulder pain, Neck pain,...
FOTO/2560.jpg Chin. cupping glas
Round shape glass cups with a flat top for fire cupping techniques.Flat top glass inspirator will sit on the table without rocking and rolling, minimize the risk of falling down from the table.
FOTO/7177.JPG Cupping N stim
Unique design, the first of its kind in the market . Simple to use vacuum cup for all purposes in cupping therapy and T.E.N.S. stimulation. Features: Safe and effective. Easy to learn and operate, no fire, no hand pump required, thus...
FOTO/2565.jpg Massageglas
FOTO/2566.jpg Massageglas met bal
massageglas + bal
FOTO/2570.jpg schropfglas 20 mm
Doorsnede 20mm