Botanical Medicine

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Dit artikel is momenteel niet beschikbaar!

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Published 2001 Trade paperback book 412 pages ISBN 9780912111667 Includes With index With...meer
Productinformatie "Botanical Medicine"
Published 2001
Trade paperback book
412 pages
ISBN 9780912111667

With index
With bibliography
With footnotes
With glossary
With appendix
Illustrations: Some
Effects charts for different systems.
Botanical Medicine: A European Professional Perspective 2dE
By (author) Dan Kenner
By (author) Yves Requena

"...what one is offered, within the covers of the text, presents an exciting foray into the unique clinical world of European herbal medicine. For those interested in broadening their perspective and improving their clinical efficacy, this text definitely has something to offer." - Chris Zaslawski, Meeting Point
"The interested layperson will find quite a bit of usable information in the second section. I learned new things about many familiar plants while reading this section, as well as the names an properties of others not in the traditional Western practitioner's kit-bag. As a novice with no formal medial education, I can only marvel at the lucidity of the writers, that I can actually read an enjoy this sophisticated new approach to total health. I recommend it to all open-minded souls who are interested in the medicines of the future." - The Empty Vessel

Extended Description 2
"The authors' elucidation of the concept of the terrain and the dynamics of other Western and Oriental whole-system models serves most generously the discerning minds of serious and creative practitioners. Intuitive herbalists, aromatherapists, and physicians seeking other clinicians' insightful information to help build on their own experience and knowledge will deeply appreciate this significant work that ushers one far beyond conventional Western science's anachronous doctrine of specificity."
- James Green, author of The Male Herbal, and Director of the California School of Herbal Studies