Wind in the Blood


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Wind in the Blood: Mayan Healing & Chinese Medicine By (author) Hernan Garcia By (author)...meer
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Wind in the Blood: Mayan Healing & Chinese Medicine
By (author) Hernan Garcia
By (author) Sierra Antonio

The authors argue persuasively that traditional indigenous medicine of the Maya is a complex system of knowledge and practices that must be acquired using a holistic, rather than a reductionist approach. They have arranged the text so that comparisons and similarities of Mayan and Chinese medicine can be realized and pondered upon: similarities of cosmology, concepts of the human body, disease and causality, and therapeutic methods. They point out that Mayan medicine has, like Chinese medicine though less extensively, its own patterns of systematic correspondence. There are, for example, nearly 50 points used by indigenous Mayan practitioners which correspond in location and therapeutic use to Chinese points, specifically in their local effects.

Tables throughout the book arrange a great deal of information in an accessible and useful manner. There are graphically captivating photos and useful illustrations. An extensive appendix provides a list of Mayan disease names with English translation, arranged according to disease classification, and a listing of principal Mayan diseases, giving indications, symptomology, differential discriminations, treatments, and preventive methods.