Practice of Chin. Medicine 2e

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Published 2008 Hardcover book 1501 pages ISBN 9780443074905 Includes With index With...meer
Productinformatie "Practice of Chin. Medicine 2e"
Published 2008

Hardcover book

1501 pages

ISBN 9780443074905


With index
With bibliography
With glossary
With appendix
Practice of Chinese Medicine Second ed.
By (author) Giovanni Maciocia

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Main Description
In this sequel to Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Maciocia presents the theory of Chinese medicine as it is applied to the treatment of specific diseases with acupuncture and herbs. He integrates research and study from ancient and modern Chinese textbooks with his personal experience with Western patients, so that the traditional approach is applied to concrete Western clinical situations.
Disease is discussed both as patterns and as biomedical conditions. Each pattern is differentiated into the various biomedically defined conditions with which it is associated. The text includes for each case etiology, pathology, differentiation and treatment, and prognosis. In these detailed discussions the author covers the principles related to diagnosis, and treatment for each condition. Treatments consist of a general prescription of acupuncture points, an explanation of the prescription and a number of other points that may be added to the general prescription. One or more herbal formulas are given, including patent remedies, and each is explained according to the action of the individual herbs.

The new 2nd edition describes the application of traditional Chinese medical theory to the diagnosis and treatment of 48 diseases and disorders, including common, chronic, and acute conditions which clinicians may see in their practice. A new lower price, a vastly expanded page count, and 50 full color photos and 440 duotone pictures significantly enhance its value.