Foundaition of Chin. Medicine

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This text covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine for beginning students....meer
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This text covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine for beginning students. Concentrating on acupuncture, and emphasizing relationships in its discussions of pathogenesis and therapy, Foundations uses many illustrations, diagrams, and case histories to reinforce the text. It describes the functions, etiologies and patterns associated with each of the channels and organs. Also included are descriptions of hand diagnosis, eye reflex areas, and information regarding the often overlooked specifics of habit and lifestyle.
The section on channels and points is imaginative and original. Instead of the usual location and actions listings, the author directs attention to the experiential information needed to select and apply points effectively. Each point is discussed in three categories: nature, action, and commentary. The first category is the point associations, the second its related functions or treatment principles. The commentary section is a discussion of the point`s clinical use based on Chinese sources and the author`s experience.

These discussions detail the practical use of the point, the effective applications, and clinical advice concerning technique or selection. For the reader who liked the Essentials or Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion but wanted a broader scope and less confusing prose, this is the ideal text. The second revised edition features:

? New larger, two-color format and reader-friendly design emphasize essential facts and make it easier to navigate the text.

? More photos added to a color-plate section provide valuable supplemental information for diagnosis.

? Enlarged illustrations in the acupuncture sections clearly show point numbers and names.

? Additional illustrations, tables and diagrams make the information easier for students to learn and memorize.

? The size of Chinese characters has been increased so they are legible and easier to interpret.

? Chapter opening summaries and summaries of key points at the end of each chapter point out must-know information.

? Icons to make it easier to locate desired sections of information.

? 50 more acupuncture points are covered in this edition, reflecting the broad scope of current practice.

? More patterns are included, and combined patterns have been added to the individual pattern chapters.

? More information is provided on pathological processes, relative weighting of symptoms, and identification of patterns.

? More cases studies and case histories apply theory to diagnosis and treatment, bringing theory to life in a realistic context.

? Pinyin equivalents are included in the main text to make it immediately evident which original term is being translated.

? An accompanying CD-ROM provides self-testing questions and answers to help students check their understanding of material.

? An expanded glossary that includes more terms and their origins from translation.