Model WQ-6F

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Dit artikel is momenteel niet beschikbaar!

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Model WQ-6F electronic acupunctoscope is an advanced apparatus specially designed and modified on...meer
Productinformatie "Model WQ-6F"
Model WQ-6F electronic acupunctoscope is an advanced apparatus specially designed and modified on the basis of Model 57 - 60 and WQ - 10C. It reflects the recent results of theoretical research work and clinical practice of acupuncture therapy and acupuncture anesthesia. lt is a newest product of the 2nd generation of transistor electronic acupunctoscope in China at present, and has the following features:

Multiple purpose: The apparatus can be used in acupuncture therapy, acupuncture anesthesia and needleless therapy.

2 Multiple transmit messages: The apparatus can transmit eight waveforms of impulse series. Their frequencies varies from 0-2000 c/s (3 ranges) with continual adjustment and free combination. The apparatus consists of two independent sections (A and B) with seven channels. It is possible to select two different frequencies (A and B) and output waveforms simultaneously or A + B special mixed output waveforms.

High amplitude of output: Divided into High and Low two ranges, smooth adjustment, high stability and low power consumption, non- interference between channels, parallel or serial connection of output terminals to enhance stimulation for various purposes.

1.Waveform of impulse: unsymmetrical bipolar impulse.
2.The frequencies and width of impulse:
3.The amplitude of impulse: the electric resistance of the human body under needling is about 250 ohm, the peak value of the electric current of the impulse is not lower than 60 mA (15V). In parallel connection of two channels is not lower than 80 mA (20V).
4.Waveforms of impulse series: There are 8 types: continuous, intermittent, dense - disperse, rise - fall (undulatory), normal sawtooth, inverse sawtooth, rise dense- fall disperse, fall dense - rise disperse and A+B special mixed waveform. The alternating frequency of every variable waveform varies from 14-25 c/min with continual adjustment.
5.Output Section A: 1, 2, 3, 4 channels. Both 1, 2 and 3, 4 can be connected in parallel into one channel. Section B: 5, 6, 7 channels. These three channels can be connected in series into one channel as a needleless therapy output. A+B mixed operation: the outputs of 1 to 7 channels are the same.
6.Power supply, DC, 4.5 volts insert three No 1 Batteries (Size '0').
7.Accessories: ¡@¡@(1) Output leads with Clips - 7 sets ¡@¡@(2) Monitoring loud-speaker - 1 pc ¡@¡@(3) Needleless therapy electrode - 1 pair
8. Size: 235 x 170 x 75 mm