Stimulator ITO ES-160

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Dit artikel is momenteel niet beschikbaar!

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for Ryodoraku treetment, Electroacupuncture, and Acupuncture point search/stimulation This is an...meer
Productinformatie "Stimulator ITO ES-160"
for Ryodoraku treetment, Electroacupuncture, and Acupuncture point search/stimulation
This is an ideal model, designed to respond to the needs of practitioners in the field, including such features as Ryodoraku measurements, preset programs, and free programmable memories, to name but a few.

- Allows simultaneous stimulation with twelve acupuncture needles(6 channels).
- Provides eight(8) different stimulation modes, including three(3) preset program modes.
- Saves paramenters of the previous treatment and incorporates sixteen(16) free programmable memory settings.
- Enables user to find stimulate acupuncture points.
- Allows measurement of Ryodo Points and storage of the measurement data.

- About skin conductivity measurement
ES-160 is unique in the scientific application of Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine recognizes that an electro-potential relationship exists between the acu-point on the skin and the internal organs.

Power supply DC 6V , four(4) alkaline LR 14 batteries
Number of channels 6, independently controllable
Pulse shape Symmetric bi-phase rectangular pulse
Current amplitude Stimulation by pen type electrode: 0-48 mA(peak)
Electroacupuncture high:0-32 mA¡Ó 25%(peak)
Low:0-16 mA¡Ó 25%(peak)
Phase duration 50-400 ms, adjustable
Timer 1-60 minutes

Output modes and frequency:

(1) Constant: 0.5 . 0.7 . 1-500 Hz
(2) Burst: 0.5 . 0.7 . 1-7 bursts(carrier freq. 100Hz)
(3) Surge: on time 4 sec., off time 6 sec, (carrier freq.5-500 Hz)
(4) Fast+Slow: 1-500 Hz(slow freq.=fast freq./3)
(5) Sweep: 1-500 Hz(slow freq.=fast freq./3)
(6) Random prog.1: 1-6 Hz, preset program
(7) Random prog.2: 30-100 Hz, preset program
(8) Random prog.3: 2-100 Hz, preset program

LCD indications:
frequency, phase duration, timer, remaining battery capacity, (search) sensitivity level, and memory data

Safety function and performance:

(1) self-test (2) zero-start (3) automatic power-off if the unit is left unused for 5 minutes (4) remaining battery- life detection (5) emergency stop button (6) sound on/ off function (7) tone signaling end of treatment
239(W) x 174(L) x 41(H) mm
Approx 600g, excluding batteries
Search/ Stimulation probe
Electrode cord ( 6 colors)
Exclusion clips (6 black,6 red)

MDD CE Marked