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FOTO/66.jpg AWQ-104E stimulator
New, improved, portable acupunctoscope and with four outputs. Features include: Four (4) output channels New IC circuitry, no cross over Polarity reversal switch for each channel Sensitive point location with both light and sound...
FOTO/6894.jpg AWQ-105 naald stimulator
The AWQ-105 Pro is the newest electro-therapy unit in the AWQ line, featuring 4 e-stim output channels and an additional channel dedicated to the search-to-treat probe. The 4 e-stim channels are separated into two groups (group 1 -...
FOTO/5712.jpg Chin cup+bal
Glass cups with rubber squeeze ball. Indication : Used in the traditional cupping technique, in treatment of bi-syndromes, asthma, common cold, chronic cough, indigestion problems and some skin conditions. Also helps to improve blood...
FOTO/2557.jpg Chin Cupping set 15 pcs
Well made and durable cupping set ,with pistol grip hand pump and 15 cups. All cups use metal air valve, durable anti-aging. Supplied in different sizes of cups, 2 each of dia. 7.5 cm, 7 cm, 5.5 cm 3 pcs. 4.5 cm, and 1 pc. 6 cm, 3.5 cm,...
FOTO/7420.JPG Chin Cupping set met pomp 16st
Each set includes a pistol grip hand pump, 16 pcs. of cups in different sizes and one extension tube. Temporary improve of Metabolism, Stimulus of bio-energy vital points and blood circulation. Relief of minor Shoulder pain, Neck pain,...
FOTO/1751.jpg Chin. acupunctuurpop 50cm
Deze pop is 50 cm hoog, gemaakt van soft vinyl en staat op een plastic plaat. De acupunctuurpunten staan vermeld in het Engels (K1, ST1)
FOTO/1759.jpg Chin. acupunctuurpop 60 cm met spieren
60 cm tall anatomical and acupuncture body model. Made of soft lustrous vinyl, mounted on a black plastic base. The right half of the body shows the muscle and the left half shows the acupuncture points in English numbers (Sp1, K1 etc.)....
FOTO/1755.jpg Chin. acupunctuurpop 85cm GOUD
An acupuncture human body model painted in gold color, size 85 cm. Showing acupuncture points and course of meridians. Labeled with English characters (i.e. HN3, ST17 etc.) on the right half and Chinese characters on the left half of the...
FOTO/1752.jpg Chin. acupunctuurpop 85cm met spieren
An acupuncture body model with size of human (about 85 cm in height) showing acupuncture points and course of meridians. All points are represented by numbers as well as Chinese characters. Made of fibre glass and with movable platform...
FOTO/2560.jpg Chin. cupping glas
Round shape glass cups with a flat top for fire cupping techniques.Flat top glass inspirator will sit on the table without rocking and rolling, minimize the risk of falling down from the table.
FOTO/1775.jpg Chin. Oorkaart groot
This large chart unfolds to reveal a stylized ear on which organ and anatomical illustrations have been affixed. Point numbers correspond to a reference chart below. An additional reference table helps determine which primary and...
FOTO/1777.jpg Chin. oorkaart klein
His 4 colored chart size 56 x 76 cm shows acupuncture points on auricule. It illustrates 135 points on auricle indicated by numbers, English and Chinese names.
FOTO/1749.jpg Chin. oormodel 22cm
Extra large size human ear model (22 cm) made of soft lustrous vinyl. Mounted on a wooden stand so that the ear model stands by itself. Points are Illustrated in both Chinese characters and English numbers. Pamphlet describing the points...
FOTO/1750.jpg Chinees hoofdmodel
Made of soft lustrous vinyl, 21 cm tall, rest on a plastic base. Acupuncture points are illustrated in both Chinese characters and English numbers (i.e.Gv20, Li20 etc). Includes booklet which describes the name and location of each...
FOTO/7177.JPG Cupping N stim
Unique design, the first of its kind in the market . Simple to use vacuum cup for all purposes in cupping therapy and T.E.N.S. stimulation. Features: Safe and effective. Easy to learn and operate, no fire, no hand pump required, thus...
FOTO/85.JPG Disposable 7 star needle
Dit is een flexibel hamertje (plastic) gesteriliseerd met Ethyleen-Oxidegas.
FOTO/297.jpg Hydro pads 2 paar
A kind of self adhesive pad which adheres to electrodes and the skin so that no need to use elastic strap. It is more conductive than conventional electrodes. Size: 42 x 42 mm. Pkt of 2 pairs (4 pcs).
FOTO/1014.jpg Incense 6mm big tiger warmer 30st
For moxibustion therapy. Diameter: 6 mm, smokeless type. Ignite the moxa and put inside the big rolling tiger warmer VOOR ARTIKEL MOX214
FOTO/302.jpg Ion pumping cord
Ion pumping cords are used in specialized techniques developed by Dr. Manaka of Japan for Eight Extra Meridian and other special treatments. Proprietary, highly sensitive Germanium diodes within the connecting wires allow the...
FOTO/7308.JPG Ion pumping cord tester
The ion tester, for use with ion pumping cords. A great tool for practioners of Japanese acupuncture! When the red and black leads are connected to their counterpart leads on the tester, the LED will light up indicating ion flow. When...
FOTO/301.jpg Ion Pumping Kit
This device measures 60x25x100mm and with diodes protection to allow current flow in one direction. Two built-in switches permit easy polarity reversal to treat 4 points (i.e., 2 separate cords) without disturbing the patient. The...
FOTO/1773.jpg Kaarten boek type
Chart, rolled 4 pages ISBN 9789622050013 Includes Illustrations: Exceptional 21" x 44" rolled and boxed Acupuncture Charts, Wall Form By (author) China Cultural Corp These handsome charts come as a set of four large, full-color...
FOTO/1774.jpg Kaarten box type 4st
These handsome charts come as a set of four large, full-color illustrations depicting front, back, and side views, plus smaller secondary illustrations of the top of the head, ear, bottom of the foot, etc. Alphanumeric designations and...
FOTO/7094.JPG Mini Hand Roller 2233
Same function as 2232, but with stronger stimulation
FOTO/59.JPG Mini Piezo Quartz Crystal
- niet groter dan een balpen - ligt gemakkelijk in de hand - meer dan 100,000 stimulaties - geen battery of externe voeding
FOTO/7360.JPG Model GB-3 electro Moxa apparaat
This apparatus can be used as replacement of traditional moxa or artemisiae rolls for moxibustion treatment. Without using of fire for ignition, safe and easy to use. * Immediate switching on and off * No fire is required for ignition *...
FOTO/5353.jpg Model Hand
Groot model hand op statief
FOTO/5354.jpg Model Heup
Groot model heup
FOTO/5267.jpg Model Schouder
Groot model schouder op statief
FOTO/64.jpg Model WQ-6F
Model WQ-6F electronic acupunctoscope is an advanced apparatus specially designed and modified on the basis of Model 57 - 60 and WQ - 10C. It reflects the recent results of theoretical research work and clinical practice of acupuncture...
FOTO/997.jpg Moxa "PUNK" 250gr
A refined green colored cruder grade of loosen moxa, used mostly in moxa instruments or direct burning. 250 gm per packet.
FOTO/995.jpg Moxa PURE
Contains mostly moxa. 10 rolls per box.
FOTO/996.jpg Moxa TAI-I
Contains about 16 other herbs besides the moxa, 10 pcs. per box.
FOTO/5268.jpg Moxa Punk Superior
A better quality of pure moxa punk from China, mostly used in direct moxibustion, or in moxa instruments & needles. 100 gm per packet.
FOTO/6002.jpg Moxa rvs lepel
Safe and practical, this 7" long half-split spoon is perfect for removing hot moxa caps from needles. Why risk burning yourself or your patient, when you can use this protective accessory. Spoon measures 1.5" at its base with a 2 mm wide...
FOTO/6986.jpg Moxa-aansteker de luxe
The EZ Moxa Starter Deluxe is a 4" x 2" stand-type butane lighter that lights moxa sticks quickly and easily,eliminating the need for traditional lighters or matches. Even smokeless moxa sticks (which typically take longer to light) are...
FOTO/1020.jpg Moxa-container brons
Drum shape Moxa container, use for indirect moxibution. Made of brass with a hard plastic resistant handle. The handle is detachable, and the drum shape moxa container can be used alone for moxibution. There are two rings on both sides...
FOTO/6987.jpg Moxa-lamp CQ-32A met digitale timer
This apparatus is same as CQ-35, but CQ-32 is a floor type model with two head lamps for treatment of two areas or two patients at the same time. With stand and wheels so that it can be moved around in the clinic. Constructed with...
FOTO/6003.jpg Moxabox
Used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Exclusive design in using either moxa punk or moxa stick as the burning media. Size : 13.5cm x 9.5cm x 10cm , easy to place on abdomen, shoulder and back area of the body for treatment. With air...
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